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Urban Sketches Gallery


  • All works are for sale unless listed as 'SOLD'.

  • All works are A5,  Neocolor II Pastels, unframed

  • Originals: €75 each + shipping

  • Click on an image for details, availability, and order number.


Please order via the contact form.

Artist Statement

I practice 'Urban Sketching': creating art on location. It offers a reason to linger, be present, absorb, and express essence of a location. 


The combination of a small sketchbook and chunky wax pastels forces the surrender of control by the mind, and allows other aspects of my being to co-create.


Summer weather soften the pastels and layers, causing them to blend easily. There is minimum of two layers everywhere on the page.

On completion I feel calm, centred, and one with the essence and beauty of a place, as after a meditation.



Crete, Meteora, Mt. Pelion.

Click on images for more information and availability.



Sicily, Le Marche.

Click on images for more information and availability.



Andalusia, Barcelona, Costa Blanca.

Click on images for more information and availability.

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