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Holistic Transformation

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Connect with your original life story,

and your self-healing ability.

Edit or remove old scripts that no longer work.

Create space for beautiful, new, and loving ones.

And shine!

Make space for loving new scripts
for the best year ever!
Pink Balloons

Marcel works intuitive, fast,

and simultaneously at the emotional, physical, mental,

spiritual and subconscious levels.

Sometimes one session will suffice: 

Online: via video link,

In person: in Rawene, Northland, New Zealand.

Marcel transformed his life.

Let him help you transform yours.

Holistic              and fast!
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1. Becoming aware:

  • What would you like to change?

  • What would you like more of?

  • How would this change your life?


2. The process:

  • Making systemic connection

  • Trace blocks and outdated patterns

  • Release old pattens at all levels

  • Determine is any support is required.


3. The result:

  • You will experience space and peace

  • Be connected to your ‘true self’

  • Experience a reduction or absence of symptoms.


4. After care:

  • You will let me know how you are doing

  • Together we determine if a follow up session is required.

The faster you

let go,


the less sessions you need,

the faster

you transform!

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Sessions last 60-90 minutes.


Individual sessions:

  • Initial session:$120.00

  • Follow up sessions: $100.00


Couple sessions: $150.00

Marcel been exploring ‘bodywork’, energy and systemic healing since the early '90s.

The last method he trained in, Touch of Matrix®, is also his favourite to use for it is fast and effective. It is a perfect fit with his intuitive and creative way of working.


Marcel’s skills and rich and varied life experience enable him to help others holistically.

Take off and celebrate life!
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