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Day 4/365 Signposts popping up.

Day 4/365 of The Year I Turn 65. A day of being physically tired, of being forced to pause and contemplate instead, digesting all the new signs and signposts that I have stumbled across, and trying to get a glimpse of where this year might be going.

In the first 4 days so much has already happened, profound stuff, so profound that I wonder if I can handle the challenges it represents. I know I can if I choose to, that's all I have to do.

This is not the time to reveal anything, so I keep hiding behind my mask for now, until things will become clearer, and till I am kind of on track. So for now I leave you with this mysterious post. Interesting how I find the right photo among the tens of thousands in my library to kind of echo in a visual way, the essence of each day.

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