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Pink Balloons

The year I turn 65 

The year I make my soul sing!

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Pink Balloons


On the 31 December 2020 I will turn 64.

The entire year of 2021 will be the year I turn 65.

I want this year to be the best ever.

I want to be the healthiest I can be.

I want my soul to sing.

No more ifs, No more buts.


Carnivale, Venice, 2020

Pink Balloons

What will I do?

 Share how I make my soul sing,

and what I do if it falls silent.

 I will capture stories in

photos, videos, text, and maybe even draw again.

I will blog and vlog.


The view from my home,                           Enkhuizen, Holland.

Pink Balloons


My home base is the historic port city of Enkhuizen, Holland. 

In the Golden Age its people went on adventures, and explored unknown worlds.

I too will explore: close to home and if circumstances allow, far far away,

to seek out amazing experiences,

and share what makes my soul sing.

I will attempt this living as healthy as possible, and on a modest budget.

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FAV Blog.jpg
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